Monthly Online Guidance: from the Daily to the Divine

Routines, from the daily to the divine.

Throughout my life, if there is something that has really helped me find my center, it has been to have a daily routine of self-knowledge. Through trial and error, adaptation, compassion and flexibility I have managed to maintain a constant daily practice or routine, at the same time changing and cyclical, for many years now.

It is from that place that is repeated every day, but at the same time, every day is different, that I can connect with an aspect of reality that goes beyond mere superficiality. I connect with the path of making and giving meaning to my life. That path is one that needs constant attention, as the movement toward Self is in itself the goal in constant cyclical change.

These moments of our lives are putting us all to the test, each one will know better than anyone what themes are activated in their own lives; what lessons need to be reviewed; what inner voices need to be heard. What is undeniable, and more so now, is the interdependence that exists between us, inside and outside of ourselves, with the environment, our Earth, the cosmos, and all the cycles in which we move.

Only in connection with oneself, creating a bridge with what surrounds us, can we create and maintain a practice that roots us in the here-now, in this space-time. If you need a little push, or support to motivate you to love yourself, this is the right place and time. Give yourself permission to go on your own inner adventure, permission to get to know yourself in relation to the internal and the external through the mind, heart, emotions, body, sensations, breathing, internal dialogue … Everything speaks to us in its own language. If we know how to remain still in silence, or sometimes move to the rhythm of the beating of the blood in our veins, we will be able to gradually understand the symbols with which we communicate with ourselves, and from there, learn to connect with others and the world at large.

I am opening a space in which to make the everyday sacred, in which washing dishes is synonymous with pilgrimage to the soul, in which singing the melody of the heart forms part of taking your children to school, or in which planting seeds of consciousness and manifestation go hand in hand with acting in an authentic way in our work. I accompany you every month, or the months you decide, through audios and videos with exercises and personal rituals that will serve as a base allowing you to create your own practice and cyclical and adaptable daily routine. All the monthly accompaniments will be made according to the natural cycles of the Earth and the cosmos, of our internal and external changes as Humanity, to which we are subjected. At the same time, I am by your side when you need it, because I know how hard it is sometimes to commit to yourself. But I also know that there is no possible peace when there is no integration in ourselves. A yes to life, our life, is what is needed now.

This is the time and place to start. It is the moment to give yourself permission to open a personal space-time for your processes of growth and change.

If you are interested, please contact me so I can give you the details and sign up for my newsletter on the web to closely follow this project if you have not done it yet. We start next month. The first delivery will be on October 16, 2020 and I will close the registration on October 9, 2020. I am waiting for you. Thank you for being here.

Monthly Online Guidance:

First week: 45 minute audio with the energies and theme to work on that month and a small exercise or ritual 5-10 minutes long to do throughout the month.

Second week: 30 minute video with physical exercises (yoga asana + conscious movement) to add to your routine.

Third week: 20 minute video with mindful breathing exercises (including classical pranayamas) to incorporate into your practice.

Fourth week: 20 minute audio with a guided meditation, visualization or Yoga Nidra.

At all times, personalised accompaniment by email / WhatsApp for any doubt, question, etc …

If you are interested or have more questions, send me a message. Thank you very much!!!