My name is Danah and I was born in a town where the desert meets the ocean in the Arabian Peninsula.

Life had other plans for me since the beginning and I ended up moving to and growing up in Madrid, Spain, mostly…

In all my years on this Earth I am lucky enough to have been to and experience over 40 countries since my first flight, when I was just a baby.

I have been able to observe for myself all those differences that make us unique, and also, all those things we have in common as human beings, which are truly the most important. Difference is not bad, for me it’s interesting, it is the easiest way to grow and learn, and I am in love with learning about other cultures, and their art, history and present, but especially about their philosophy of life and death.

I still haven’t found ‘home’ except for in myself. I live in a dual state of water and earth, of flowing and rooting.

In this blog I share my thoughts and feelings, my interests, my fears, my experiences, in English and Spanish interchangeably, as my brain thinks and dreams in these two languages mostly (although I also speak French, and a little bit of Arabic and sometimes things get very interestingly confusing).

One of my lifelong passion is to study things related to art, history, archaeology, philosophy, astrology, alchemy, symbolism, Tarot, and all kinds of knowledge that can help us dig deeper into ourselves.

Here I share the journey to mySelf. My journey of becoming.

Many people ask me what I do for a living.

Here are some of the “tags” life and society (and myself sometimes) use to describe what I “do”:

Intuitive Guide

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Movement & Breath Teacher

Kid’s Teacher (Yoga, Spanish, English)


Dive Master

Hotels/resorts/camps/Air BnB management

NGO/Non-profit volunteer & management

Art Historian

Art & Cultural Manager


Eternal Student. This is my favourite one and the one I think most “defines” my personality.

Although all these tags are meaningless when all I want to be is true to myself; be the best I can be for the people I love, for everyone, for all beings, for our planet…

Thank you for being here and sharing this moment in time with me.

With love,


“If you want to achieve true knowledge, you must first learn to know yourself. You have to know what you yourself are. When you come to know yourself you will discover that all the truths of the universe are concealed within your own being. Thus through this self-recognition you will get to know all the secrets of the world.”

Initiation, Elisabeth Haich.

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