Monthly Online Guidance: from the Daily to the Divine

Throughout my life, if there is something that has really helped me find my center, it has been to have a daily routine of self-knowledge. Through trial and error, adaptation, compassion and flexibility I have managed to maintain a constant daily practice or routine, at the same time changing and cyclical, for many years now.…

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Acompañamiento Online Mensual: de lo Cotidiano a lo Sagrado

A lo largo de mi vida, si hay algo que verdaderamente me ha ayudado a encontrar mi centro, ha sido tener una rutina diaria de autoconocimiento. Ha sido a base de prueba y error, adaptación, compasión y flexibilidad que he conseguido mantener una práctica o rutina diaria constante, y a la vez cambiante y cíclica,…

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The unknown known of nature

I walk around the garden and I feel life around me blooming. I have a special connection to nature that is different to my other over-intellectualised passions. It’s in my own essence to want to know everything, an eternal seeker, of truth and beauty above all. But nature… my curiosity and attraction for it is…

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