Dancing words

“Notes like droplets,move my body, still my mind;light my soul on fire..From the ashes of my forgotten Self,I will rise again as One..I spiral up and down, turning and turning;eyes closed, heart wide broken;ephemeral desires, immortal silence..The language spoken in movement;the dancer is the dance, is the dancing;Light as guide, and Death as master”….In the…

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Se puede

Cuando se quiere, se puede… Me levanto así con varios pensamientos aleatorios que esta situación van trayendo a mi mente… •Se puede consumir menos, trayendo la atención a lo necesario, y el mundo sigue girando. •Se puede perfectamente crear nuevas leyes y multas, como multar a gente que se salta cuarentenas, porqué no se puede…

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“The tree that would grow to heaven must send its roots to hell.” Nietzsche. If there ever was a sentence that rings true for me this year, this is it. For the past 10 years I have grown so much, changed in ways I couldn’t have predicted, always in pursue of a better version of…

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